Precisely What Does The Prachuap Khiri Khan Flower Symbolize

Each province in Thailand possesses its own provincial Flower. Prachuap Khiri Khan’s flower is the rayan or manilkara flower. This is a slow developing tropical tree that flowers many times per year. It is a very strong hardwood tree, sad to say a lot have been cut down to use for building and furniture making. Modern environmental projects have set the tree over a protection list blocking its wood being used for these purposes, but this rule is tough to impose in a country with a lot of corruption. The blooms of this tree are a striking yellow. Just like many of the flowers chosen to symbolize provinces in Thailand they yellow color is selected because it represents The Monarchy and also the religion. The flowers grow from sprouts on the trees branches taking a few weeks to open. The Manilkara tree is also referred to as the The Milky Tree because of the milky sap which may be taken out in the branches and is full of nutrients and vitamins – it has been used to support people during times of famine and poor harvests. The tree has an olive sized fruit which can be boiled and consumed however they are really bitter, but a popular snack to be eaten when sipping “Lao Kao” – Thai rice whiskey. This plant is popular because it grows plentifully, had stunning yellow flowers and also the sap and fruit of the tree may be eaten in times of poverty. Manilkara flowers is seen throughout Prachuap Khiri Khan plus they thrive more often in this province compared to any other in Thailand. The flowers are frequently seen on road sides, and also on grassy slopes and in the center of rice fields. Farmers usually decide to leave the trees standing where possible and farm close to them because they believe the trees to be lucky. If you want to know more information about the significance of Prachuap Khiri Khan flower to some of the citizens of Thailand then visit for more details. categories: Phuket Flowers Fair,exhibit,events,destination,tourism

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