What To Look For When Going To Nonthaburi Flower Garden

Nonthaburi is approximately twenty kilometers from Bangkok. This area carries a huge cultural significance for Thailand. Nonthaburi is link to Bangkok by the Chao Phraya river which have served the country both as an important communication route and as a means of defense against Thailand’s foes. Among Nonthaburi’s tourist attractions would be the Suan Tan Noi flower gardens. Suan Tan Noi is a flower garden based on the Shores of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. The flower gardens are set amongst an orchard and traditional homes and also a hill-tribe community. This is a botanical flower garden showcasing numerous different types of Thai orchid flowers, it features a huge lake with an artificial water fall and lots of varieties of lilies being cultivated in and around the water features. The lake features are season-themed and show the three main periods of Thailand. The hot season, the wet season and the hot and wet season. In the Nonthaburi flower garden you are likely to see the following kinds of orchids: Anota violacea, Cattleya, Cymbidium, Laelia, Lycaste, Oncidium, Stanhopea and Vanda. Orchids usually only bear flower for two weeks for one month per year, however due to the abundance and species of orchids tourists can be sure to see several beautiful flowers anytime of the year they visit. A good time to see these flower gardens is somewhere around December as soon as the climate is warm and sunny however, not wet. To reach the flower garden, using a taxi from down-town Bangkok would be the simplest way for many tourists. When arriving in Nonthaburi proceed to the Chao Phrya river and disembark and stroll upstream passing the three temples of Wat Ko Kriang, Wat Tan and Wat Bang Tanai which are also really worth a quick visit. You can ride a passenger boat from there to the gardens. If you are a kind of person who loves nature then Nonthaburi flower garden is the right place for you. See and experience nature at its best. Should you wish to know more details about the garden you may want to visit www.gogoflorist.com for more details.

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