Things Not To Forget When Moving Home

If you think moving home is stressful, don’t plan for your move and then watch how much more stressful it will become. Of course the simplest piece of advice, if you are planning on moving home, would be to sit down with someone who has recently relocated and to quiz them about their experiences. Taking those experiences and learning from their mistakes will help you to plan your move effectively. If you don’t have someone in this position that you can talk to, then this article will at least highlight some areas that you might want to look at and to use these as the basis for your own moving plan. The most important piece of advice I can offer is before you do anything else, identify all of your important documents (e.g. bank accounts, insurance and mortgage documents, etc.) and account information and then record the account numbers and contact details in a spiral bound book. Also try to photocopy the documents if possible. These items should be kept with you during the move and not packed away in boxes. This will at least give you back ups to work from if the originals are lost or damaged. Another consideration would be to save all of the information electronically on a DVD or CD-ROM. That media can then be given to a trusted family member or friend to keep hold of until your move has been completed. The next thing you need to do is to gather your packing materials. Pull together a supply of different sized boxes so you are able to maximize the space in each one without necessarily having a lot of unused space, meaning the contents can shift around inside them whilst on the moving. If you buy packing boxes from a moving company, you can probably return them later on and get a refund. You can also get boxes from local supermarkets or department stores, and these can be discarded once you have finished with them. But remember, ‘Green is the word’. So try to recycle if at all possible. No matter how many boxes you think you are going to need to pack everything, add 4 or 5 more to the total and put them aside for the last day of the move as you will find there will be a few items that you hadn’t taken into consideration. Once you know how many boxes you are going to need, this will also help you to determine the size of the truck you are going to need to hire if you plan to do the move yourself. When you choose the size of the van you are going to hire, you will need to determine whether you will need a tail-lift. This will cost you a few additional dollars, but it will also help save your back, since it won’t get damaged trying to lift a heavy washing machine 3 foot in the air to load into the back of the truck. Again, if you have friends who have just moved home recently find out if they hired a van, and learn from their experience. It may not always pay to hire the cheapest van if it is filthy and oily in the back. You may end up paying more for cleaning than you saved by hiring a cheaper truck. Use the Internet to find van rental companies and compare pricing. Even better look for companies that offer online reviews. They may not all be 100% correct, but if you pay attention to the negative reviews you may be able to pull up a few red flags that you may want to consider before hiring a truck. Try to enlist the help of family and friends on the day of your move. Not only will this save you time and money, but they are more likely to treat your belongings with respect and do their best to cause as little damage as possible. If you don’t have this kind of help available then you can probably hire local people who specialize in helping people who don’t wish to hire a professional company to move everything. Moving your belongings from A to B are only the beginning when moving home. You also need notify the utility companies that you are vacating the premises and that you need to have your meters read and to have a final bill sent to you. Delaying this could mean additional charges being added in your name even though you are not getting the benefit. Make sure the utility companies that supply your new home are aware that you are moving in so that those services are in place immediately. There is no greater reward than a soak in a nice hot bath after a day humping and dumping, so make sure you are not in the disappointing position of turning on the faucets and finding nothing but air coming out of them. If you are a renter then make sure you give your landlord enough notice, so that you are not having to pay extra rent. The amount of notice would be determined by the stated notice length in your lease. Be sure to leave your home in a clean and presentable manner. Not only will it assist the person who was kind enough to let you live in their property, but it will also leave them with a good impression of you. This is important as there is a good chance that you may be calling on them to pick up wrongly delivered packages and mail. Or perhaps you may want them to forward everything to you if you are moving out of town, so it is better to stay on their good sides. Be sure to contact the post office and fill in a forwarding of a mail form so your mail is automatically delivered to your new address. Contact your doctor, dentist, attorney, insurance companies, bank and any creditors to let them know your new address. So that is about it. I hope these tips help to make your move that much easier for you, and may I remind you one last time – make sure you have hot running water in your new home when you arrive so you can take that hot bath. Earl Gardner is a reviewer of moving companies in Broward County, Florida. 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