For Frames Without Borders, Choose Clip Frames

Traditional picture frames feature a glass display and borders that are usually wood, metal, or plastic. The borders on some styles are thin and on others they are of medium or wide thickness. Some people do not like the style, while others are simply looking for a different type of frame. Clip frames are the perfect alternative because they serve as a frame but do not have a border. The front of a clip frame is either entirely acrylic or glass and clips attach that piece to a back portion made from MDF or hardboard. They have a clean, minimalistic, and rather contemporary look so they look nice within any room. Shoppers will not have to re-size or trim a displayed item because clip frames come in many sizes, the most popular of which are 100×70 cm, 60×80 cm, 16×16 cm, A4, and A2. Photographs, pictures, certificates, and posters look nice when they are placed in clip frames. Observers see only what is being displayed rather than being distracted by a frame. It is inexpensive to show off a child’s artwork in one of these and the drawings take on a professional appearance. You will notice a huge difference in the quality of a finger painting when it is placed in this type of frame. Since they actually have no frame, clip frames are easy to clean, requiring only a light dusting. If dirt or residue accumulates on the glass surface, it can be cleaned using some glass cleaner and a paper towel. There are no ridges or valleys for dust to stick in, which makes these perfect for allergy sufferers. These individuals have a hard time finding items they can display in the home, so they will probably purchase a few. To insert the item being displayed, simply remove the clips and place the artwork or photo on the cardboard, then put the glass or acrylic cover on top and reattach the clips. Hangers are included with some of these, enabling the items to be hung on the wall. Since there is no real frame to orient, clip frames can be hung vertically, horizontally, and sometimes even diagonally. Clip frames are a nice alternative to a traditional picture frame and they are inexpensive and easy to use. Place some posters, photographs, or artwork inside these and hang them on the wall. The area will become much more attractive when these subtle frames-but-not are included. Whenever some variety is needed, replace what is being displayed and the frame takes on an entirely new look. Click here for more information on Clip Frames and Frames Clip

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