Facts Regarding Udon Thani Flower Garden

Nong Prachak flower garden in Udon Thani Thailand is an excellent location to sit and hang out with the family. The gardens are made up by a number of individual islands each one of which have different themes and different types of flowers. Visitors to these flower gardens normally lease a small rowing boat (about 100 baht or $3 for three hours) look around the tiny islands within the man-made lake. The lake waters are filled with coy-carp and catfish plus the waterways are full of various kinds of lilies thriving in the water.The scent of the lilies is overwhelming, Visitors could see many varieties of butterflies flying around the flower gardens. The butterflies are not contained by nets and remain in the gardens simply due to the amount of flowers and plants for them. Visitors to Udon Thani going from the south are usually taken back by the dry and baron surroundings, compared to other parts of Thailand. Udon Thani carries a hotter weather and less mountains, soil and land erosion are a constant struggle for farmers in the area trying to make a living for their families. Flowers found growing here are those that are much better suitable for a dryer weather. Shady locations makes it a possibility to raise roses and other flowers which are sensitive to the heat of the day . Udon Thani flower garden is most widely known for its numerous kinds of roses, which often could be found growing in shady places inside the park. Other flowers thriving in abundance here include gerbera flowers and stargazer lilies. The stargazers are one of the most great smelling kinds of lilies growing and they could be found throughout the waterways that link up the floral islands together. Flowers in these gardens are watered from the lake, a sophisticated and automatic sprinker system automatically sprays the flowers every night. It is a wonderful sight to view the water fountains going up from the lake creating a man-made rainbow within the appropriate conditions. To get to Nong Prachak flower garden from Udon Thani take the Sontaew from route 44. Tell the driver to stop near to the Tesco and then walk behind the old waterhouse. You will come across signposts for Nong Prachak. Otherwise ride a tuk-tuk, there aren’t any metered taxis in Udon Thani. Expect to pay approximately 100 baht starting from Udon Thani town center to the flower gardens. If you are a kind of person loves culture, nature, arts and flowers then Udon Thani Flower Garden in Thailand is a must in your travel itinerary. If you want to know more information about the place and the other things it offers then visit www.gogoflorist.com for details.

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