5 ways to help you minimise waste in your home

Each year, people are throwing more and more items out of their home. This is obviously increasing the amount of waste we have in landfill sites scattered all over the world. But there are some helpful and easy ways we can help fight this problem. Why not get involved or join a eco friendly reward programme, so you can get rewarded for minimising waste in and around your home. 1. Reduce the amount of paper you use – Paper products are common, and they are probably the reason for most of the waste in your home. Paper used in packaging takes up about 30 percent of the landfills. There are a quite a few ways you can reduce the use of this material. One way is to avoid purchasing single serving items that are packaged using cardboard or paper. Opt instead for bulk size products. Those with re-useable containers work best to decrease the amount of waste in your home. Many supermarkets nowadays are charging customers to buy carrier bags, which therefore encourages them to reuse bags. Another way to alleviate paper waste is by practicing good printing habits. Try to read as much as you can online. If you have to print something, make sure you do it double sided to use half as much paper. Save the scrap paper to use for note taking and other tasks. Have a reward programme set up so that you can celebrate your paper saving achievements. 2. Celebrate Amnesty Day. This designated holiday is designed to make people more aware of the amount of waste that is thrown away each day. You can use the day to find new uses for containers and things that would normally be waste. 3. Minimise waste by using your food more wisely. Meal planning will help you buy only the items you need. Be creative and make meals with the leftovers, you could make great a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Why not convert vegetable and fruit waste into compost, so it can be used in your garden for use in your garden. 4. Recycle as much as you can. This will greatly limit the amount of waste you throw out of your home. Many landfills have a recycling section for glass, paper, plastic, and other materials. Designated recycling centres are also another place where you can deposit items without them being waste. A reward programme for recycling can be an incentive to reuse the item rather than tossing it out as rubbish. 5. Donate or sell items unwanted items. There are many organisations that collect unwanted items such as clothing, bed sheets, towels, shoes, magazine and more. These items may not be of any use to you any more but to people less fortunate than us, they are exactly what they need. These are just five of the things that you can do to reduce waste in the home. Having a reward programme in place will help you become less of a rubbish collector and more eco friendly. It can also help you find uses for all of the things you have and may not need anymore. This article was written on behalf of MyIce. For more information see reward programme

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